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Why won’t the system allow me to apply for my certificate?Updated a year ago

If the system isn’t allowing you to apply for your digital certificate, you’ll see this message: You must pass the course before you can apply for your certificate. Please review your course progress and your marks.

This means that you have either not saved every page of the course, or that you have not passed the exams with 55% or higher. 

To make sure that you have saved every page, check your course progress bar. You’ll find the My overall progress bar on the top right side of the page in the course panel and the course pages. If the bar is not showing 100%, you can click See details to find out which module has not been completed. If a module has not been completed, you can click View unsaved pages to find out exactly which ones you need to complete. Go back into the section indicated and save those pages to reach 100% completion. 

To ensure that you have passed the course, check your score for each module exam and make sure that it is 55% or higher. On the top right side of the page in the course panel and the course pages, you will see a My overall score bar showing your results as a percentage. 

You can find the module by module exam results by clicking the See details link underneath the bar. Once you are in the My marks section, you can click Detailed view to see a full list of the exam results for that module. 

If you have failed any module exam (received a score of less than 55%), you only need to resit enough questions within that failed exam to achieve a pass rate of 55%. We recommend you review the details of your results carefully before going back to the exam to resit the question. You need to pass all exams with 55% or higher to pass the course and get your certificate. 

To read more about how to resit exam questions, please see How do I retake my exam if I failed it?

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