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Can I legalise or apostille my certificate?Updated 2 years ago

International Open Academy is an online training provider and, at this point, is not in a position to provide services to assist with visa applications, job placements, apostille or legalization services. 

Requirements for these services differ from country to country and whilst we have worked with organisations in this area in the past, many require high fees and extensive administration processes, which is untenable for us to provide.

We recommend that in order to support any requirements in this area our students consider certifications issued by the external accreditation organisations we work with, namely:

  • ICOES - specifically in regards to the quality and standards of the online training and procedures - (hard copy certificate for an additional fee for printing and posting)
  • CPD/CE points refer to professional development points which students can receive when completing a course with CPD/CE accreditation - If you have completed your approved CPD course, you are eligible to request the CPD certificate ( An administration fee applies when you are ordering your CPD certificate)

To be clear, specifically for our TESOL/TEFL students, neither ICOES or CPD offer apostille or legalization services. However, in most cases, these certificates (particularly ICOES) are utilized by the majority of students to apply successfully for job positions and facilitate visa applications worldwide in the TESOL/TEFL sector. Please also note that many jurisdiction requirements change on a monthly basis, so no provider can guarantee success here, however, we do our best to ensure our course is sufficient to satisfy authorities in most countries.

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