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How can I request a hard copy of my certificate?

You can request a hard copy of your certificate as soon as the free digital certificate has been issued and is available to download. The hard copy certificate is issued by an independent accreditation body, ICOES - International Council for Online E

How do I get my IOA certificate of completion?

In order to get your free digital certificate, you need to successfully pass the course by scoring 55% or higher in each exam. In addition, each course page must be saved. Your course progress bar will show 100% completion when that has been achieved

What types of certificates are available?

If you require a more detailed document than the free digital certificate of completion, you can purchase one of the following documents:. Accredited Certificate: Issued directly by ICOES, this certificate is printed on certificate paper [Size A4 (21

When will my ICOES certificate be delivered?

Delivery estimate for ICOES certificates.

I have pre-ordered the ICOES Hard copy Certificate and have now completed my course. When will I receive it?

This physical certificate, from the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES), is personalized with your name, the name of the course you have completed, your date of completion, and your grade. This certificate is printed on cer

I have ordered the ICOES Digital Certificate. When will I receive it?

This certificate from the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES) is a PDF format. It includes the ICOES logo and advisory board signature and is personalized with your name, the name of the course you have completed, your date

How can I order my CPD certificate?

Our CPD approved courses are indicated with a CPD logo on the course page. If you have successfully completed a course with this logo on the page, then you are eligible to get a CPD certificate. Successful completion of the course means that you have

How can I verify my certificate of course completion?

Find the unique certification number on your digital certificate. Input that number and your student email address on the Certificate verification page to verify your certificate.

Why won’t the system allow me to apply for my certificate?

If the system isn’t allowing you to apply for your digital certificate, you’ll see this message: You must pass the course before you can apply for your certificate. Please review your course progress and your marks. This means that you have either no

Can I legalise or apostille my certificate?

To be clear, specifically for our TESOL/TEFL students, neither ICOES or CPD offer apostille or legalization services. However, in most cases, these certificates (particularly ICOES) are utilized by the majority of students to apply successfully for j